Categories and Rules

High Score Categories

Purebred Arabian Division

Half-Arabian Division

Combined (Purebred and Half-Arabian)

Sport Horse Division

Junior Exhibitor Division

Open Division

Competitive Trail & Endurance Ride Division and Recreational Ride/Drive Program

Every entry is automatically entered into our Supreme Champion Division! This division is intended to recognize outstanding performance. No additional entry fee is needed, and points will be calculated by the High Score Chairperson. Purebreds and Half-Arabians compete together for recognition as:

  • Supreme Champion Halter Horse
  • Supreme Champion Open Performance Horse
  • Supreme Champion Amateur Performance Horse
  • Supreme Champion Junior Exhibitor
  • Supreme Champion Sport Horse

General Rules and Information

1) Horses must be registered Arabians and/or HalfArabians. Proof of ownership (copy of registration papers, lease agreement, or contract of sale) is required with entry. Documents can be emailed to the High Score chairperson. 

2) Owners or lessees must be individual, or Junior members in good standing of ESAHA (Associate members are eligible for Open Competition classes ONLY – Categories 45 – 47.) It is the responsibility of the participant (or representative as indicated on the entry form) to maintain ESAHA membership throughout the competition year. Points from shows where and AHA single event fee is paid will not be eligible to count for the program. USEF since event fees are allowed. Points for horses sold during the show season may be transferred to the new owner if both are members of ESAHA.

3)   To be eligible for High Score Awards, you must enter the program prior to showing or attending a categorized event. Horses may be entered at any time, but no points earned prior to the date of entry and payment of fees will be counted. 

4)   Official entry forms, or copies, must be used to list all classes in which a horse or junior exhibitor is entered. Entries submitted in alternative formats will be returned. A postcard or email will be sent to the participants confirming that entries have been received.

5) Junior Horse classes must be counted in their respective categories only.

6) Results from a MAXIMUM OF FIVE (5) SHOWS PER CATEGORY may be counted.

7) At least 50% of the shows counted must be from within Region 16.

8) Any horse or junior exhibitor already entered in the High Score Program can be post entered into a maximum of 2 additional categories at one and a half times (1.5) the original entry fee.

9) Official results forms are enclosed in the High Score Program booklet. Results sent to the High Score Chairperson must be postmarked NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15th of a given competition year (National results will be accepted if submitted within 10 days of the conclusion of the National Show.) It is the responsibility of the participant to keep accurate records of the Horse/Junior Exhibitor and to submit complete and legible results with all the necessary information to the Chairperson. POINTS NOT RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE WILL NOT COUNT.

10) In the case of ties, awards will be determined first by the number of first place ribbons submitted by each competitor, than by the number of second place ribbons, etc., until the tie is broken. There will be no duplicate awards given.

11) Champion prizes will be awarded in all categories. Ribbons will be awarded to sixth place.

12) A complete list of annual winners, placings, and points is available upon request.

13) Winners are responsible for the collection of their awards. Awards not picked up at the banquet will be mailed via UPS, by the chairperson, if no other arrangements have been made. MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTAGE.

14) Evidence or accusation of fraud will be put before the ESAHA Board of Directors for settlement.