Scoring and Submitting Results

Submitting Results

  • All results must be submitted on the official ESAHA High Score Results Form only.
  • All results and points must be submitted (and postmarked) by October 15th of the competition year. The High Score Committee will be unable to accept results submitted after the deadline has passed. The High Score Committee reserves the right to return illegible or incomplete entries.
  • It is the responsibility of each entrant to keep track of and to submit the following information with his/her results:

Rated Shows:

  1. Name and date of each show.
  2. Class # and name of each class entered.
  3. Placing in class.
    In the case of non-Regional shows that place Championships as Top 5 and Top 8 versus actual numerical placing, it is your responsibility to verify and report your actual number placing on your submitted  results.

Non-Rated, Open and Open Classes*

  1. Copy of the prize list or show bill.
  2. Show secretary’s name and address.
  3. Placing in class.
    * Includes Open Classes (to other breeds) from rated shows (ex. NYS Breeders, NYS Fair)


  • For Rated Shows, use Tables 1 and 2.
  • For Non-Rated, Open Shows, and Open Classes (as defined above) use the Non-Rated/Open Shows column in Table 1.
  • In Performance Championships/Stakes classes, DOUBLE THE POINTS!
  • Youth¬†Showmanship Championships: Champion + 55 points/Reserve Champion = 50 points.
  • For results from the Empire Spring Show only, ad 10 bonus points per placing!
    (Ex. A first place ribbon at the Empire Show gives you 40 points + 10 bonus points, for a total of 50. For Empire Show Championships, double your placing points as you normally would, and then add 10.)
  • Submit results for a maximum of 5 shows per category.


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