Membership in the Empire State Arabian Horse Association can give you expanded opportunities to learn, enjoy, and show your passion for the Arabian horse.

As an Empire Arabian member, you can:

  • Receive a sizable discount on your AHA competition card
  • Be eligible to participate in our High Score Awards Program
  • Receive our Empire eNews and club event notifications
  • Vote in your club’s elections.
  • Be counted toward your club’s delegation to Region 16 and AHA.
  • Be eligible to run for election as an officer of your club.
  • Indulge your horse habit as part of our Arabian-centric support group!

To join or renew online, please visit‘s¬†Membership page
Be sure to select “Empire State Arabian” as your club affiliation!
When you join online, your membership is immediate and you can print your membership card.

If you prefer to join by snail mail, you can also print the membership application here. Mailing instructions are provided on the form. Please allow several weeks. Your paper application will eventually be processed and your membership card sent.

Reminder: An AHA competition card is required to participate in AHA recognized programs as an owner, rider, handler or trainer.